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What we do

At Wellbeing Concierge, we offer a range of services designed to support women in their journey towards holistic wellbeing and empowerment.

How to Access Our Services

To learn more about our services, workshop schedules, and upcoming retreats, please explore our website or contact our team. We are dedicated to providing tailored support and empowerment for every woman seeking to navigate life’s challenges.

What we do
Education and empowerment

Our flagship two-day immersive workshops, titled “Ignite My Future,” are designed to help women navigate challenging circumstances. Led by experienced coaches, therapists, and counselors, these workshops integrate ancient wisdom, modern strategies, and the Nguzo principles to foster personal growth and resilience.

Follow-On Services

Following the workshops, we provide tailored follow-on sessions, including coaching, counseling, or therapy. These sessions offer ongoing support, guidance, and empowerment to ensure sustained progress and personal development.

Community and a hub

In 2024, we’re excited to introduce two dedicated Wellbeing Centers. These centers will provide safe and nurturing spaces equipped with counseling areas, community spaces, and coffee areas. They’ll offer a range of classes, events, and resources to support women’s wellbeing and foster connections within the community.


Our Ignite Retreats offer immersive experiences in serene settings. These retreats combine self-discovery, mindfulness, and personal growth activities in a tranquil environment, allowing participants to reconnect with themselves and explore new paths toward wellbeing.


Join us in creating a supportive network that empowers women to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience.

Future plans

How we aim to incorporate families and help women be more independent

Reskilling and Skilling Sessions:

These sessions aim to enhance participants’ employability and foster self-reliance

Extended Services for Families

Our vision includes expanding workshops to include family members and partners.

Educational and Awareness Campaigns

We’re committed to spreading valuable information about empowerment, trauma recovery, and building healthy relationships within communities.

Collaboration and Outreach

We’re actively forging partnerships with local organizations, authorities, and support groups. By collaborating and extending our outreach efforts, we aspire to provide comprehensive assistance and support to women across various regions, ensuring no one is left behind.